How to make money as a stay at home mum

How to make money as a stay at home mum

21st November 2021 2 Comments

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Being on Maternity leave or being a stay at home mum and spending tonnes of time with your little ones is incredible but one little down side is the loss of your income. When I returned to work after having Elara I had to drop my hours dramatically from 5 full days a week to just two. Childcare was just something we couldn’t afford and so grandparents from each side look after Elara one day a week each so that I can work for the two days a week. This meant that I needed to supplement my income somehow and I found some amazing ways to make money whilst being at home. I am currently on maternity leave again after having my beautiful Emmie and need to supplement my income again. My dream is to be a full time blogger and discipline myself to upload more regularly; I absolutely love blogging but have found if difficult lately. So here are some super easy ways that will teach you how to make money as a stay at home mum.

Selling unwanted things

Selling unwanted things is a super easy way to make some money. Wether thats selling your maternity clothes after your last baby, baby clothes that no longer fit your little ones, old toys, old books or literally anything. I have recently started using Vinted as it’s completely free to use and it’s really popular atm so things usually sell quickly. I have also sold bigger things like prams, jumperoo’s and baby walkers on facebook marketplace, again completely free.


FreeTrade is an app where you receive a free share through using a friends link; and then can create your own link for other friends to use which lands you another free share. You fund your account with £1 to receive the free share which you can immediately remove from the account; and in return you will receive a free share between the value of £3-£200. It is completely safe to get your free share; but with investing, if you do invest your own money further then please be aware that stocks do fluctuate a lot. I have more information with step by step instructions over on my Instagram. I have now made over £2.5k from using this app and it is my favourite income stream atm because you don’t have to do anything. You can even leave it in or invest it into an ISA. There are so many possibilities.

top cashback

Top Cashback is a cash back site that pays you for shopping. Sound too good to be true? Well its not. Every time you purchase something online, check to see if they are on topcashback and purchase through the link, this doesn’t change the price for you, and you can get cash back for a purchase you would have made anyway. There are always different deals and I have had 100% cash back on some purchases previously. With Black Friday and Christmas fast approaching now is the perfect time to sign up. Join here to start earning cash back.

When you are then signed up make sure you use it for as man purchases as possible. Purchasing car insurance, home insurance and big home purchases can land you huge amounts of cash back. You can also invite friends to join and get another bonus for you and a friend. Currently if you sign up using my link, join here, you can get an extra £10 straight into your account for FREE!

Affiliate links

There are so many affiliate link platforms around now and with everyone having the link sticker on Instagram now there’s a possibility to make a small commission there. Affiliate links don’t change the price of the item for the customer at all but they do have to be declared. So if you are using an affiliate link make sure you say that it’s an affiliate link or write the word ad. Some platforms I use are Stylink and Awin. With Stylink you get paid a small percentage per click. Stylink is free to join, but you don’t have access to many shops and Awin you pay in £5 and have access to a lot more shops. The £5 gets added to your account though so you don’t lose it, you just gain it back when you receive your payout. You can even use affiliate links with friends and family just to get that little bit extra income.


If you have an Instagram account and have over 3,000 followers then you can apply to join Tribe. This is an app which you can apply to influencer jobs on. If you follow me on Instagram, @katieflossblog , then you will know that I do Ad’s and get a little income that way. Tribe is one of the platforms I use to look for work. If you are interested on learning more about making money on Instagram or through a blog, let me know in the comments and I can get to work on writing about that. You can earn ALOT of money this way and to be completely honest it is my dream to do this full time as well as blogging. If you are having trouble getting to the 3k required, you can check out my blog post How to Gain 1k a month on Instagram for tips and tricks.


There is so much money to be made in blogging and honestly it is very hard work but it’s something I love to do. I absolutely love writing, love reviewing things and just chatting in general. Blogging is something I have been doing since 2010 but only started making money from in 2020. You can 100% make money from blogging but you have to know where to put the effort in. I will be writing more on this and will update with links when they are live.

I hope this has helped you find some new ways to make a little income as a stay at home mum; I know first hand how hard it can be so please reach out if you need any help. How to make money as a stay at home mum is a post close to my heart so please share if you found it helpful; there is space for everyone to use these tips.

Katie x


  • Sophie 29th January 2022 at 8:32 pm

    Thank you for the fabulous tips. I would love to know how to make money on Instagram.

  • Kirstie 3rd May 2023 at 4:07 pm

    Love these suggestions! Recently started blogging myself so this is very helpful x

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