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*This post has been sponsored by Nordgreen- all thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.

Nordgreen Watches recently popped up on my radar due to their timeless designs and their sustainable efforts. Over the past year I have been making a conscious effort to reduce my carbon footprint and shop and live as sustainably as possible. Previously I have always shopped for watches in high street stores and then repurchased another when I was bored of the style. With Nordgreen there is no getting bored of the absolutely timeless and beautiful nordic designs and interchangeable straps. I love that you can customise your Nordgreen watch to match your mood and change up the look completely with the switch up of a strap.

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The watch I chose for myself was the Women’s Native design, with a simple white face, rose gold hardware and a beautiful blush pink leather strap in the 32mm size. Nordgreen have very kindly given me a discount code for 15% off your own watch with the code KDB, you can shop the site here. The watch is very comfortable to wear and looks so beautiful and classic with any outfit. All Nordgreen’s watches arrive in a beautiful velvet lined box which are not only great for keeping your watch in when you’re not wearing it but they are also sustainably sourced; the cardboard is sourced from responsibly managed forests and the velvet is actually made from recycled plastic bottles.


I am blown away by how beautiful this watch is and I am excited to style it up with tonnes of different outfits. Here is the watch against my new cream jumper dress and I love it. I am usually the girl that relies on her mobile for the time, no more. Not only is the watch packaged in sustainably sourced materials but the business Nordgreen itself plants thousands of trees to off set their carbon footprint; the World really would be so different if every company was as eco friendly as Nordgreen.


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One of my favourite things about the Nordgreen watches is the giving back programme and something other companies should definitely take note off. At no extra cost to the customer once you have purchased your watch you can log onto the Nordgreen website, here, go to the giving back page of the site and select the cause you would like to support. You can chose from Health, Education and Environment.

Health-Provide Clean Water

Nordgreen have partnered with Water for Good to supply clean water to people living in The Central African Republic. By backing this cause you will be supplying one person with clean water for 2 whole months.

Education- Educate the Future

Nordgreen have partnered with Pratham UK to supply children in India with an education. By backing this cause you will be supplying one Indian child with education for one month.

Environment- Protect the Rainforests

Nordgreen have partnered with Cool Earth to help save our Rainforests. By backing this cause you will be preserving 200 square foot of rainforest in Latin America.

I personally chose to back the Environment cause, as much as I would have liked to back all three. Deforestation is something that really worries me and breaks my heart. We have such a beautiful World and change is definitely needed to help it to survive. We as a family have been cutting down tremendously and really educating ourselves on how we can make simple changes to help this Earth and helping to preserve this area of the rainforest is really making my heart happy. Whichever cause you chose to back will have such a tremendous effect on making life happier on this planet. I really really love Nordgreens Giving Back efforts; definitely a huge plus to support this brand.


If you would like to check out the watches Nordgreen has for sale you can find them here and use the code KFB for 15% off your purchase. I have really fallen in love with my new watch and the lovely business that creates them. I really hope to see more brands following in Nordgreens steps and making positive changes to our future. If you have already purchased your watch and are looking into making more sustainable changes you can check out my 8 Easy sustainable changes post.

Katie x

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