I have been trying and kinda failing to build my instagram following over the past couple of weeks and a thought hit me, maybe others feel the same way. So, I thought I would share the love with you guys and show you my fave insta babes atm. Maybe you'll find a new swoon worthy instagram to follow and maybe these babes will get a new following. Either way it's win win really. If you'd like to follow me I'm over at @katieflossblog big thanks if you decide to follow me.


 One of my fave bloggers insta's to swoon over is Gemma's, she has the best flatly, the cutest son and keeps everything in perspective on her insta stories.


Holly is the kinda girl that tells it how it is; you can expect to find everything from her gorgeous style, to her perfect flaylays to contraception. It's so refreshing to see someones real style not and not just what bloggers 'think' people want to see. I've met Holly a coupe of times and she is lovely.


Yet another insta babe I've been lucky to meet, katie is just the sweetest, with the cutest style and the best vlogs over on YouTube. Katie is also relocating from good ol Wales to London so I just know her vlogs and her insta is just going to get cuter and cuter. 


 I adore this instagram and it always inspires me to work harder on my flatly. Daily perfect images will be found here.


 Another gal I have the pleasure to know, Neesha. Neesha has the best flatly skills ever and always captures everything beautifully. She is also pregnant and 10 weeks ahead of me so she is a wealth of knowledge to me about all things pregnancy and she is also an absolute whizz at another blogging. Seriously check out her blogger tips!!


 I can't write a post about insta babes without mentioning one of my besties Abi. A full time photographer so you know her photos are bomb. She has so many interests and hobbies that you will never get bored of her insta. She is hilarious and currently moving into her new house so insta stories are full of house inspo and decorating.


 Jordan has the cutest pink insta theme ever. Just look at it. There are just no words.


Another absolute perfect insta. Elle travels a lot too and I love to see her cute photos of New York. The cutest most colourful outfits that are also so wearable. Elle always looks so put together and perfect.


 Another fellow bestie. Abi has the best style, seriously I would wear everything that she styles and she takes awesome pics. Abi is so fun and lovely and you will love her insta.


Christy is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She was incredible style and is so put together and sophisticated it's unreal. I love Christy to bits and I think she will be big news in the fashion world soon.


Another very cute pink theme. I love that Jade has the insta theme down and hits the nail on the head every time. Jade's flaylays are always gorgeous.


Maria has the best style and keeps to a pretty cute theme. I could never keep to a theme and have the greatest respect for anyone that has kept up a theme. 


 Beth has an awesome insta but her insta stories are where its at. I love her little stories and her little rants are hilarious. She speaks the truth and thats so nice to see from a fellow blogger.


Different to all my other faves but with pics like this how can you not fall in love with this instagram. The most beautiful home. So much inspiration.

I hope you've found some new insta's to follow today and if you have any that you would recommend to me then please leave them below and don't forget to follow me over at @katieflossblog ;)

Katie x


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