Hi guys! Welcome back. I have been gone a fair while and a lot has happened since I last updated you. Lets start with the name change. Katiefloss was born when I needed a name for my playstation ID; I wanted something cute that also had my name in it and there was candyfloss on the coffee table and vwala. Katiefloss. I wanted a name change for my blog as I feel my passion for beauty is just not as strong as it use to be and I want to venture more into the lifestyle section. I felt that katiedoesbeauty was holding me back from achieving that and setting the wrong example for my blog. I have been 'katieflossblog' on Instagram for a while now so it may not be a surprise to some of you.

I plan on writing about lifestyle, travel, food, beauty and fashion amongst anything else that inspires me. Really, there is quite a lot. Long gone are my days (nights) out on the town, drinking and dancing; family life is my number one priority these days and I would much rather be at home with my boyfriend Mike, doggo Bella, a chinese and Greys Anatomy. I mean really, it doesn't get better than that does it. Some may think that its super boring, and that's okay, but I am just so content with my life that I don't need to put a face on and pretend to be someone I'm not now. At the grand old age of 25 I have FINALLY realised that

Those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.

It's super cheesy but so true. The people in my life right now know how much they mean to me and that really is what life is all about. I never truly realised until recently how much quality over quantity meant to me. My friends are my extended family and I would do anything for any of my true friends.

2017 was a whirlwind of a year. Started the year off in an unhappy marriage, accepting the fact that I would never have the fairy tale romance I had always dreamt off. Stuck in a rut and thinking that I had to stick it out because I had married this person. I have been asked why I got married in the first place and honestly it just felt like the next 'passage', what I was 'meant' to be doing. I mean, to the outside world I had been with my ex-husband for 9 years, since I was 15 infact, and we had been engaged for 7 of those years. Happily, no. But I thought our problems were normal problems and you really had to work at a relationship. But that was HARD work. By March, our first anniversary as a married couple, I was at make or break. So I purchased two tickets for New York and off we went. New York was absolutely incredible but we argued EVERY, single, second. It was horrible and I just knew that I couldn't fake it any longer. My ex-husband had known I was deeply unhappy for a long time, before we got married even; although I put that down to 'cold feet'; I just knew at that point that I would rather be alone all my life than with him. I just didn't have the courage at the time so it took me until May to finally pull the plug and let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

I have never dated, ever. I have never been on a dating site and honestly dating terrified me. Everyone was telling me to go on dates and have fun but honestly I'm the 'meet someone and have a connection type' and didn't fancy going on Tindr or Plenty of Fish. Being single wasn't as bad as I had thought, I mean I now lived alone and had to do the nasty jobs, like getting rid of bugs and doing the bins, but other than that I was enjoying 'finding myself' and my own company for the first time in 9 years. Although I say I wasn't necessarily looking for a man friend, there was one guy I had my eye on but I never thought anything would ever come of it; he was the kind of guy that kept himself to himself and didn't seem to have an interest in anyone. After being single for almost 2 months a guy I had worked with for the past year (Michael) the one who had been catching my eye, asked me on my first ever date. I was absolutely shitting it. It was so cute and we hit it off instantly. I was very scared that people would think that I was having an affair with Mike and that's why my marriage ended but that wasn't the case at all. Needless to say everyone knew that Mike would never get involved with someone in a relationship and people who knew me well new that I had been unhappy for a long time and that I just wanted out of that relationship and not into another. Mike has always been a gentleman and didn't even let on that he was interested in me back until I was single for a good month.

8 months later and I have never been more in love. I really do think I have found my soulmate and that we will be together forever. Being in love is the best feeling and I really hope you all find your true love too. Thanks for being patient and waiting for me to return after my break. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know. I have so much I want to share with you guys and I hope you continue to enjoy my content on katiefloss.

Katie x

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  1. Awe.. made me quite emotional reading this. So glad you have both found each other. Nana Coop Xxx


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