An amazon baby list may sound like you are just after people to buy you products for your baby; which you could be, no judge, but personally I am using the amazon baby list to keep all my curated bits and bobs ready for purchasing. Money can be tight when your expecting a little one so keeping an Amazon list is a great way to list all the things you want to purchase so that when you do have the funds your one click away from purchasing them. 

Amazon also have some really good deals available and normally turn out to be the cheapest way of me purchasing an item; also, I have Amazon Prime so next day delivery is bloody great. For example I have been researching the best baby baths and the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support kept cropping up so I decided to add it to my Amazon baby list and guess what? It's almost £10 cheaper than anywhere else I have seen it, bargain!! I purchased it in pink as we're having a little girl, heres the link if you wanna take a look Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support - Aqua.

Making a baby list would also be great for baby showers; people never know what to get so including an Amazon baby list link would make life easier for people to purchase something you actually want. Plus everyone knows how to shop on Amazon, it's quick easy and safe and you can't really go wrong as once someone has purchased something from your list it disappears so it can't be purchased again. Me and my partner, Mike, have family that live away and it makes it so easy for them to be apart of the baby buying too; they simply find something they'd like to purchase for you and it can be delivered right to your door.

I've really enjoyed making my baby list and watching lots of different Newborn Essentials videos to add bits and bobs to my list. I've also added 5 big packs of Waterwipes to the list, such a good price as Water wipes can be really expensive. WaterWipes Baby Wipes Sensitive Skin, 12 packs x 60 wipes (720 wipes)

I'd love to hear what your newborn essentials are and let me know if theres anything I need to add to my list. If you'd like to hear my 10 Honest Pregnancy Truths click here

Katie x

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After the lovely feedback on my previous Primark face mask post, read more here, I thought I would write a little something about the KPOP Blemish Blaster. Not really a face mask but a skincare product that has me recommending it to everyone and their dog (please don't use these on your dog). I haven't seen anything like the Blemish Blaster before, in the UK that is, and at £1.50 for 20 gel patches you really can't go wrong. Similar products are huge in America and you can't watch a Girly rom-com without at least one character wearing some sort of patch or spot cream to bed. 

I got so excited when I saw these in Primark and they really do not disappoint. Pop them on overnight over a brewing blemish (ewwww!) and it will keep the blemish from that angry red itchy stage and starts reducing the blemish WITHOUT drying out the skin. Currently my skin is dry with hormonal breakouts from pregnancy, meaning that a lot of products aimed at problematic skin make my skin even drier than usual; so the Blemish Blaster is just perfect for me at the moment. The gel patch itself is clear and comes in two different sizes, the bigger patches are perfect for those times when you have two blemishes right next to each other. Although the patch is clear you can see it in certain lights so you wouldn't want to go out with these bad boys on; but, they are meant to be worn overnight. 

I have been really surprised with how incredible these little patches are and at such a good price. I have been wearing these every night over blemishes and I think they have also helped to prevent my skin from scarring; something which happens with every blemish I ever have. Honestly could not fault them. 

Katie x


I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and wanted to post a little something about the actual truths of pregnancy; this is not meant to scare you, just shed a little truth. If you missed my pregnancy announcement you can find it here. Enjoy ;)

1. Morning sickness is not morning sickness at all. It is ALL DAMN DAY sickness. No kidding! Nausea does not ease after you have been sick either. It's great!

2. You look bloated and round before you even have a bump. Honestly I swear I was bigger at 6 weeks than I am at 19 weeks. So weird. But everyone that has been pregnant has told me about the dreaded bloat.

3. It's exhausting growing a tiny human. Exhausting. Normally I love to sleep anyway but I could honestly sleep all day every day and still be tired at the moment.

4. It's suuuuper hard to get comfortable. Just prepare yourself for 40 weeks of uncomfortableness.

5. It is the best thing EVER to feel your baby move in your belly. And it feels nothing like people say it does. It's a very distinctive, "oh wow, thats baby" feeling. Kinda like when you have a smear test and its a weird feeling up behind your belly? Yeah it's similar. It can also make you feel sick when the baby is moving loads deep inside your belly. I was sick on myself this morning :)

6.Ultrasound scans can HURT. Yup, never knew this until it happened to me. Baby girl is a wriggler and they have to jab her to get her to move into the correct position for measurement. Also, they have to press hard sometimes and it really really hurts. 

7. It's like being budda. People want to touch your belly and smooth you for good luck. It's so weird the first couple of times but you do get used to it haha. 

8. You get emotional. Very emotional. Like I can cry at anything. Everything pisses me off. The littlest thing can make me super angry. I get hangry, alot. It's kinda like being on your period but continuous. 

9. The floor is very, VERY far away. You drop something whilst pregnant? Its gone.

10. Get used to not seeing your vajayjay! Honestly. It's gone. Disappeared. Vamoosh. I did have a nicely kept vaj up until my bump blocked my way and now god knows what it looks like down there. Am I embarrassed? Nope. Am I scared to see what it looks like in another 4 months? Very! 

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of pregnancy realness. In all honestly it is hard. Some people have harder times than others and some enjoy every single part of it; but pregnancy is such a beautiful thing to experience, the good and the bad. Your growing a tiny human!! Huge pat on the back for you, and a back rub while I'm there ;) god knows you need it.

Katie x


Recently I was browsing around Primark and came across their facemasks, threw them in the basket, and carried on my Primark shop; a few days later I decided to try one and OH WOW!! they are good. So far I have tried the Coconut mask, the Aloe Vera one (not pictured) and the Avocado and Oatmeal one; and I love them all. These are the cheaper facemasks of the range at 80p each which is an absolute bargain. They have all been super gentle on my sensitive skin and done exactly what they say on the packet. I.e coconut is hydrating, cucumber is deep cleansing and so on. I love a good face mask and try to use one at least once a week, usually a Sunday whilst I'm in the bath and relaxing. My favourite mask so far is the coconut mask as my skin has been SO dry since I've been pregnant and god knows I need the moisture.

Primark also have a few other ranges of facemasks like the Korean inspired facemasks, wow, and the more expensive themed masks at £3, yet to try them. I have a few more Primark inspired posts coming up, including a review of their skincare. Spoiler: it's amazing!! I am really enjoying getting back onto the blogging wagon and hope you guys are enjoying too. Thanks for all the love and support,

Katie x


I first saw the iconic 'big spoon, little spoon' pillows on Zoella's Instagram and always lusted after them, so when I came across the company behind the hand lettered style, Old English Company, I had to have a look at what else they have to offer. You may also recognise their gorgeous enamel pins from Instagram, they are so kitch and cute and have the best slogans, you can find them here. They also currently have a competition at the moment to win a set of their gorgeous pins, see pic below, enter here.

So here's everything I am currently lusting after:

She believed she could so she did enamel pin £7 here

Dreaming of Unicorns Pillowcase £13.95 here

You can and you will A5 planner £11.95 here

Mama Bear Enamel pin £7 here

You're gonna make things happen print £13.95 here

Good Things Enamel Pin £7 here

So off I go to purchase all these gorgeous goodies and some fab cards and pressies for upcoming birthdays from Old English Company. If you've been lusting after the gorgeous pillowcases and enamel pins too then now you can rest assured that you know where to find them :) just click here.

Katie x


I have been trying and kinda failing to build my instagram following over the past couple of weeks and a thought hit me, maybe others feel the same way. So, I thought I would share the love with you guys and show you my fave insta babes atm. Maybe you'll find a new swoon worthy instagram to follow and maybe these babes will get a new following. Either way it's win win really. If you'd like to follow me I'm over at @katieflossblog big thanks if you decide to follow me.


 One of my fave bloggers insta's to swoon over is Gemma's, she has the best flatly, the cutest son and keeps everything in perspective on her insta stories.


Holly is the kinda girl that tells it how it is; you can expect to find everything from her gorgeous style, to her perfect flaylays to contraception. It's so refreshing to see someones real style not and not just what bloggers 'think' people want to see. I've met Holly a coupe of times and she is lovely.


Yet another insta babe I've been lucky to meet, katie is just the sweetest, with the cutest style and the best vlogs over on YouTube. Katie is also relocating from good ol Wales to London so I just know her vlogs and her insta is just going to get cuter and cuter. 


 I adore this instagram and it always inspires me to work harder on my flatly. Daily perfect images will be found here.


 Another gal I have the pleasure to know, Neesha. Neesha has the best flatly skills ever and always captures everything beautifully. She is also pregnant and 10 weeks ahead of me so she is a wealth of knowledge to me about all things pregnancy and she is also an absolute whizz at another blogging. Seriously check out her blogger tips!!


 I can't write a post about insta babes without mentioning one of my besties Abi. A full time photographer so you know her photos are bomb. She has so many interests and hobbies that you will never get bored of her insta. She is hilarious and currently moving into her new house so insta stories are full of house inspo and decorating.


 Jordan has the cutest pink insta theme ever. Just look at it. There are just no words.


Another absolute perfect insta. Elle travels a lot too and I love to see her cute photos of New York. The cutest most colourful outfits that are also so wearable. Elle always looks so put together and perfect.


 Another fellow bestie. Abi has the best style, seriously I would wear everything that she styles and she takes awesome pics. Abi is so fun and lovely and you will love her insta.


Christy is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She was incredible style and is so put together and sophisticated it's unreal. I love Christy to bits and I think she will be big news in the fashion world soon.


Another very cute pink theme. I love that Jade has the insta theme down and hits the nail on the head every time. Jade's flaylays are always gorgeous.


Maria has the best style and keeps to a pretty cute theme. I could never keep to a theme and have the greatest respect for anyone that has kept up a theme. 


 Beth has an awesome insta but her insta stories are where its at. I love her little stories and her little rants are hilarious. She speaks the truth and thats so nice to see from a fellow blogger.


Different to all my other faves but with pics like this how can you not fall in love with this instagram. The most beautiful home. So much inspiration.

I hope you've found some new insta's to follow today and if you have any that you would recommend to me then please leave them below and don't forget to follow me over at @katieflossblog ;)

Katie x


Now I know you are reading this late as this silly twonk forgot to actually click publish, smh, so disappointed in myself; but, here goes the post. A couple of days ago I was kindly invited to Lush Spa Cardiff to check out their mothers day products as well as the cutesy Easter products. Lush is so pinterest worthy and I love mooching around checking out all of their new products. The actual spa is incredible and completely opposite to the vibe you get on the shop floor. In the spa it is so zen and relaxing and you feel like your in another world. Staff at lush are always so helpful and will actually show you how the products work with a demonstration and sometimes even a dreamy hand massage. I picked up some beautifully scented products, some of the Easter range and some of the Mothers Day range.

As mothers day is fast approaching I thought I would show you some fab ideas for Mothers day pressies. You cannot go wrong with a lush bath bomb, and top of my list for mothers day is the Incredible Mum Bath Bomb here , if you were leaning more towards a bubble bar then the Mum in a Spin here is another mumma day  exclusive. You could also try a bubbleroon, just as dreamy as it sounds, like Citrus are doing it for themselves here , which is one of the best scented lush products I have ever tried, and believe me I've tried alot. Another mum exclusive is the gorgeous rosebud soap here that will look absolutely beautiful in any mumas bathroom. Another gorgeous product I picked up was the Unicorn horn bubble bar (unavailable online) which is just the cutest, everyone knows how special unicorns are so why not show your mum just how special she is to you with this beautifully scented bubble bar. Lush also do giftcards if your not 100% sure what your mum would like and you can also splash the cash and purchase a spa day.

I also picked up the Bunch of Carrots here for myself as they were just too cute to not purchase; and if you liked the snowman shower jelly scent at Christmas, this cute reusable set of bubble bars has the same gorgeous scent. Hope you all have a fabulous mummys day and the women in your life get spoilt and shown appreciation for what they really do for us on a daily basis.

Katie x


Yup, you read that right :) I am pregnant. Me and my partner Michael are over the moon. As I write this I am 15 weeks pregnant and we are finding out the gender NEXT WEEK. I will still be doing my usual posts but I will also be writing about pregnancy and mummy life when little one is here. This is and will always be my personal blog; somewhere I can escape too and vent but also share any wonders I have found with you guys. I have lots of early pregnancy stories for you guys that I will share shortly. Thanks for being so supportive,

Katie x


Hi guys! Welcome back. I have been gone a fair while and a lot has happened since I last updated you. Lets start with the name change. Katiefloss was born when I needed a name for my playstation ID; I wanted something cute that also had my name in it and there was candyfloss on the coffee table and vwala. Katiefloss. I wanted a name change for my blog as I feel my passion for beauty is just not as strong as it use to be and I want to venture more into the lifestyle section. I felt that katiedoesbeauty was holding me back from achieving that and setting the wrong example for my blog. I have been 'katieflossblog' on Instagram for a while now so it may not be a surprise to some of you.

I plan on writing about lifestyle, travel, food, beauty and fashion amongst anything else that inspires me. Really, there is quite a lot. Long gone are my days (nights) out on the town, drinking and dancing; family life is my number one priority these days and I would much rather be at home with my boyfriend Mike, doggo Bella, a chinese and Greys Anatomy. I mean really, it doesn't get better than that does it. Some may think that its super boring, and that's okay, but I am just so content with my life that I don't need to put a face on and pretend to be someone I'm not now. At the grand old age of 25 I have FINALLY realised that

Those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.

It's super cheesy but so true. The people in my life right now know how much they mean to me and that really is what life is all about. I never truly realised until recently how much quality over quantity meant to me. My friends are my extended family and I would do anything for any of my true friends.

2017 was a whirlwind of a year. Started the year off in an unhappy marriage, accepting the fact that I would never have the fairy tale romance I had always dreamt off. Stuck in a rut and thinking that I had to stick it out because I had married this person. I have been asked why I got married in the first place and honestly it just felt like the next 'passage', what I was 'meant' to be doing. I mean, to the outside world I had been with my ex-husband for 9 years, since I was 15 infact, and we had been engaged for 7 of those years. Happily, no. But I thought our problems were normal problems and you really had to work at a relationship. But that was HARD work. By March, our first anniversary as a married couple, I was at make or break. So I purchased two tickets for New York and off we went. New York was absolutely incredible but we argued EVERY, single, second. It was horrible and I just knew that I couldn't fake it any longer. My ex-husband had known I was deeply unhappy for a long time, before we got married even; although I put that down to 'cold feet'; I just knew at that point that I would rather be alone all my life than with him. I just didn't have the courage at the time so it took me until May to finally pull the plug and let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

I have never dated, ever. I have never been on a dating site and honestly dating terrified me. Everyone was telling me to go on dates and have fun but honestly I'm the 'meet someone and have a connection type' and didn't fancy going on Tindr or Plenty of Fish. Being single wasn't as bad as I had thought, I mean I now lived alone and had to do the nasty jobs, like getting rid of bugs and doing the bins, but other than that I was enjoying 'finding myself' and my own company for the first time in 9 years. Although I say I wasn't necessarily looking for a man friend, there was one guy I had my eye on but I never thought anything would ever come of it; he was the kind of guy that kept himself to himself and didn't seem to have an interest in anyone. After being single for almost 2 months a guy I had worked with for the past year (Michael) the one who had been catching my eye, asked me on my first ever date. I was absolutely shitting it. It was so cute and we hit it off instantly. I was very scared that people would think that I was having an affair with Mike and that's why my marriage ended but that wasn't the case at all. Needless to say everyone knew that Mike would never get involved with someone in a relationship and people who knew me well new that I had been unhappy for a long time and that I just wanted out of that relationship and not into another. Mike has always been a gentleman and didn't even let on that he was interested in me back until I was single for a good month.

8 months later and I have never been more in love. I really do think I have found my soulmate and that we will be together forever. Being in love is the best feeling and I really hope you all find your true love too. Thanks for being patient and waiting for me to return after my break. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know. I have so much I want to share with you guys and I hope you continue to enjoy my content on katiefloss.

Katie x

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