I love all things pink and what better way to spend a Wednesday than with a good ol Mean Girls quote and some pretty pink products to get us ready for Spring?! Pink is my favourite colour; I have always been a tom boy but a girly girl at the same time and pink has always attracted me, even as an adult. I think a nice nude pink lip or a light pink blush makes you look more youthful and natural. These are my top pink picks for Spring, and some newbies to tease you before my New York haul goes live on my YouTube Channel (here) next week.

New in at KDB HQ, aka my super comfy bed, is the Too Faced Peaches Palette (here) although this isn't technically all pink it does have a few pinks in it and peach is so similar to pink that you can forgive me right?! This is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes ever as it has so many beautiful wearable shades that suit my blue eyes and compliment my colouring. Full review and swatches coming soon. I match my peaches pink eyeshadow with this beautiful light pink blush from Tarte (here) it creates the cutest blushed pink shade and gives a very youthful fresh look to the skin. This is in the shade flush. 

I love a pink lip and I have four amazing pinks above. The Kat Von D (here) liquid lipstick in the shade Mother is the most pigmented of the bunch. A beautiful deep nude pink, it adds a little maturity to the look, perfect for a night out. The formula of these liquid lipsticks is the best I've tried and I love how they apply. A lighter shade of pink liquid lipstick that I love is the NYX Lip Cream (here) in the shade Tokyo, these are a little drying but as long as you apply a lip balm underneath they wear perfectly and this shade is the perfect doll pink. If I feel as if I am reaching for a pink lipgloss the Laura Mercier Lip Glace (here) in the shade Pink Pop is the cutest nude pink with a hint of gloss. 

Benefits Lollitint (here) is a lip and cheek tint in a candy lilac shade that lasts hours and is undetectable on the cheeks and lips. I love to wear it on both the cheeks and the lips to create a natural flush. Last but not least is my favourite pink lip balm, the Dior Lip Glow (here) in the shade 001 is a pale pink balm that reacts with the warmth of your lips to create your perfect nude. It moisturises the lips whilst giving the perfect amount of colour. This is one of those effortless products that you can use for a no makeup look.

I love a good pop of colour on my nails as the weather is getting warmer and the Ciate (here) nail polish in the shade Electronica is the perfect pop of neon pink. I have also thrown in my trusty Better than Sex Mascara from Too faced because the packaging is super cute and girly and matched the theme so well. Sue me. Are you wearing pink today? 

Katie x


Tarte has aways been a brand I have wanted to try thanks to it's amazing reviews and cute packaging, but unfortunately it's pretty hard to get your hands on in good old Wales. So when I recently visited New York, check my instagram @katiedoesbeauty for pics, I couldn't resist the Tarte counter in Sephora. I have had my eye on the Rainforest of the Sea foundation as I had heard great things about the light weight moisturising base; which my dry skin was just calling out for. I picked up some other Tarte goodies too but I will be showing them in my New York Haul over on my YouTube Channel here

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation is light weight buildable and very dewy on the skin; three things I was sold on from day one. It does not disappoint. After we had arrived in New York my skin was dry and flakey and my foundation I had taken out with me, no shaming here, was clinging to the dry patches and just didn't work well at all. As soon as we got back to our hotel after visiting Sephora I removed all of my makeup and got to work beating my face with all my Sephora goodies. 

A little goes a long way with this foundation thanks to how light it is and it's very comfortable to wear on the skin all day. The foundation is so light that you have to shake it before use and comes with a dropper for easy application. I have had no oxidisation and it doesn't crease under the eyes or cling to dry patches. I like a light base day to day and for that purpose it works perfectly; it is very natural looking and the colour range is decent, very fair and very deep skin tones may find it difficult to find a match. Overall I have been very pleased with this foundation for its hydration boost and how light weight it is; I have loved all the Tarte products I have tried so far and I can't wait to try more from the range. 

Any Tarte products you recommend I try?

Katie x


Every year I have the best intentions to make Resolutions and keep to them, yet every year I've failed. Honestly, I think it's down to the fact that I don't want them bad enough; I am not willing to sacrifice what I have for something that I want. I have always been this way, playing it safe, keeping one foot in each boat. This year I'm jumping; and I'm jumping as high as I can. These things I want more than I've wanted anything in my life and this year I will be making steps to achieve them.

1. Grow Katiedoesbeauty
I have now been blogging for 7 years. My first original blog was created 1st January 2010, not katiedoesbeauty. KDB was actually created on 1st January 2014 so Happy Birthday KDB.  I have never stuck to it for very long and have always deleted old content and started fresh. I am no longer going to do that. I like to look back and see how much I have improved and how my writing style has changed, I'm putting more of myself into KDB every day and I think it's starting to pay off. I have a 3 year plan to stick to for KDB, both my YouTube Channel and Blog will be worked on and I am gonna work hard.

2. Improve my Fitness
Every year this is one of my goals for the year ahead. Sometimes I have stuck to it and sometimes I haven't. This year I intend to become the fittest I have ever been and compete in a Tough Mudder in August. I started working out again yesterday and today I am going to do my weekly shop and buy the food I need to fuel my body. I will hopefully track my fitness journey monthly and hopefully it will inspire some of you too. This is less to do with how I look and more to do with how I feel. Although looking hot would be a definite plus.

3. Work on Myself
I have always been my worst critic, always seeing the worst in myself and beating up myself over things I have no control over. This year is the change for all that. I am going to work on my self confidence, believe in myself and start believing that I am the amazing person my friends and family love. I haven't spoken about it openly as of yet but this year I was diagnosed with Depression and have been building myself back up piece by piece and will be sharing my experiences when I'm ready but I've also realised that I need to put myself first. Make myself happy before others. Make myself content with life and the rest will follow. I will share my journey with you but please be patient.

4. Be Happy
This is kind of similar but also different to the last resolution. I want to be happy, content and 100% myself. Yes I am weird but thats what makes me me. I want to except myself for who I am and make myself blissfully happy in the meantime. Do things for me; and yes that is a little selfish but seeing as I'm currently 24 and have been doing things for others all my life I think I have finally deserved some selfish time. I want to be the kind of person that doesn't care what others think and does their own thing no matter what people say. I want to be the person that doesn't join in on the bitchy comments and stands up for what I believe in. So what if I like someone that no one else gets along with. So what if I am different in some way from someone else. Thats what makes us all unique. Don't blend in with others and hide your shine. 

5. Travel More
Travelling wakes me up. Visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures really opens my eyes to the beauty of the world. I have a lot of places on my list that I want to visit, even places in the UK that I've never visited. I love to explore and soak up different atmospheres and I'm hoping 2017 will be filled with lots of wonderful places and new faces.

I would absolutely love to hear your resolutions, please leave them in the comments or if you've written a blog post too tweet me the link (@katiedoesbeauty) I would love to read them. Here's to a wonderful 2017 :)

Katie x
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