White/Silver hair at home

I have been a blonde for most of my life; naturally up until around 14 years old and on/off dyed ever since. My actual hair colour is now what I like to call a dirty blonde. Not dark blonde not light brown kind of an in-between nothing colour. As a toddler I had white blonde hair with absolutely no pigment in it and it gradually got darker until well, today. The underneath of my hair is a lot darker than the top, and around my face my hair gets very light blonde. I also get a lot of natural highlights in the Summer, more like when I go on holiday though, coz ya'know British Summer. I get bored very easily with my hair and like to change it up a lot. I have been every colour you can think of and every length too. If you'd like a hair story let me know in the comments. So bored Katie decides she's going white/silver. Yay!

My before hair was virgin hair (no dye at all) mostly, so I knew it was gonna be a tough job and boy it was. I ended up bleaching my hair 3 times to reach the lightness that I wanted and I still have some bits I would like to bleach again; mainly the hair underneath that was a lot darker than the rest that is still very light blonde and not white. I bleached it twice in one day and then another once a few days later. This is totally not a good idea, your hair my fall out if you do this too. But, I have bleached my own hair at home for years and know what my hair can handle, FYI it's 6 bleach jobs in a row. Straw. To bleach my hair I used the Loreal Paris Preference Hair dye in Extreme Platinum. I have very long hair and needed 2 boxes for one dye job. So 6 boxes later my hair is white. I then used the Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner to create a white/silver tone to my hair. This did go a little patchy but I totally didn't mind and I kinda liked it. 



Before and After. Sorry I can only find before's with Snapchat filters, not ashamed to admit the butterfly crown is goals. My hair now is a lot more white/silver in person than it comes across in photos. I absolutely love it. I am going to be going to the hairdressers to get it done when my roots grow through, as I mentioned above, the underneath is still a little darker and the toner, although incredible, starts to fade after one wash. I'm hoping hairdresser grade toner will keep it super silvery for a good month. 

I will be updating you on my hair journey over the coming months, as well as updating you on products for white/silver hair and my hair evolution over the years. In the mean time if you want to keep up to date with my hair colour you can follow me on Instagram at katiedoesbeauty or over on snapchat as, you guessed it, katiedoesbeauty.

Katie x


  1. Ahh your hair looks gorgeous! It really suits you :D

    Don't worry I live by the butterfly snapchat filter haha. Great post <3

    Jade x


    1. Thank you so much :) butterfly filter is incredible!! xx


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