Recently I popped into The Body Shop and remembered just how much I used to love it; I'm not sure why I stopped going for so long. I got carried away online shopping and never really pursued shopping in my local town. Anyways in I went for a little nosey and came across some bloody fabulous products, coming soon I promise, and this Cleansing Butter was one of them. I had seen lots of amazing reviews of this Cleansing Butter, yes cleansing butter, weird right, and just knew that it would be coming home with me. Whilst in store I looked up the ingredient list and was pleasantly surprised; I couldn't see any nasties, and by nasties I mean everything I have learnt from the Skincare Goddess Caroline Hirons. 

The real mind blowing moment came when I got this baby home and took my makeup off. You need a pea sized amount; this is not like when people say you need a pea sized amount and what they actually mean is a pea sized amount per cm2 of skin coverage, but actually a pea sized amount for your whole face. OH MY GOD face emoji. I wish I could use emoji's in my blog. So here I am applying this to my face and my jaw actually drops. This is the softest most meltingly amazing cleanser I have ever tried; and being a beauty blogger I have tried my fair share. It literally sinks into your skin and melts away your makeup. Honestly you have to try it to believe me because even though I had read amazing reviews I never actually believed them until now. 

Now usually I like to wait around 6 weeks after the start of using a skincare product to write a review but I have already noticed such a pleasant difference in my skin that I broke the rules. Sue me. My skin has been super bad lately. I stopped taking the contraceptive pill around 4 months ago and my skin has been having a bad time since, like seriously, a load of painful cysts bad. I will be writing a full blog post on my battle with my skin soon. This has helped to keep my skin calm and remove every single trace of the days makeup, leading to happier skin. I will do a further update in the future if anything changes or theres anything to add but this is my new fave cleanser. If you would like to see an updated skincare routine please let me know in the comments and I will film one on my YouTube Channel.

Have you tried this cleanser? Anything that I should try from The Body Shop?

Katie x


Becca Champagne Pop
Becca Champagne Pop

Everyone knows who Jaclyn Hill is right? If not she is an amazing YouTuber who has collaborated with Becca to create a highlighter, Champagne Pop. It is the most dreamy peachy pink golden dream of a highlighter which is absolutely glowing, see what I did there, on every skin tone; from pale peeps like me to gorgeous deep brown skin tones, honestly google it. Becca has some amazing swatches of it's products on different skin tones if you are concerned about how it will appear on your skin tone. Oh how I'm so very jealous of deeper skin tones. This is one of the most pigmented highlighters I have ever tried, one sweep and you've got a natural glow to the skin. With my dehydrated skin it can look a little dead, yes dead, and I need to add moisture and fake a glow from within as much as possible. I am truly considering the Full Face Highlighter Challenge for day to day make-up. Seriously. 

This applies beautifully and as you can see from my images above, gives the skin the most beautiful glow. If you want to see this highlighter in action check out my instagram @katiedoesbeauty as I wear it on a daily basis. There was a lot of hype surrounding this highlighter when it was first released which I am always hesitant about purchasing into, but I can honestly say that it is my all time favourite highlighter and well worth the £30 price tag from Space N K here. It suits any skin tone and can be built up from completely natural to full blown glow. I am dying to get my hands on the Champagne Collection Face Palette which is constantly sold out, but a girl can dream right?

Have you tried Champagne Pop? What do you think of this highlighter?

Katie x


Current Reads

If you're gonna learn something about me today, it's how much I absolutely love reading. I read all the time and go through books really quickly. So quickly that I need recommendations (leave them below). I usually get books from my local library; it's completely free and they have so many books you'll be spoilt for choice. This week I picked up just 3 books, Holly Madison's Down the Rabbit Hole, Zoe Sugg' (Zoella) Girl Online On Tour (book 2) and Katie Price' The Comeback Girl. 

I have been wanting to read Hollys book for so long that I finally searched for it on the librarys website and put it on hold. It goes into a deeply intriguing story about Holly's life in the Playboy Mansion and it will truly shock you. I finished this book within 2 days. Not the most flowing book you will read, it gets a little stale in places but well worth a read. Next up is Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg; I'm sure you are all aware of Beauty Blogger Extraordinaire Zoella by now. This is the second book which I was so close to purchasing but decided to try the library and struck gold as it was in my local library and picked it up less than half an hour after putting it on hold. I read this book that night. If you've read the first book I'm sure you'll be dying to get your hands on this as Zoe has hit the nail on the head with these books. 

And now to be completely honest I still haven't got round to reading Katie Price' The Comeback Girl; I still think that I will love this book as I have loved so many of her other books. If your thinking that these books won't be any good because the name Katie Price is on the cover I urge you to give them a try as they are really good. Katie writes very girly  stories that excite the inner romantic in me and I can never put them down. I am so excited to carve out an afternoon and get cosy with this book.

Have you read any of the books I've mentioned? Any books that you think I should read?

Katie x
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