My eyelashes have always been fairly average, but I have always tried to grow them and improve them as much as possible. I have tried everything from fibre lash mascara to eyelash extensions, to improve on my eyelashes but I keep on returning to my trusty Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and faking those lashes. I remember I had eyelash extensions for a short period, VERY short period, literally around an hour after I left from having them done a few had fallen, yes fallen, out and it looked terrible. The next day I was attending a Wedding party so I didn't touch my eyes at all incase any more fell out; after the party there were around 5 lashes left on each eye and they were hanging on for dear life, so I pulled them out. It did pull some of my own lashes out and I have never tried eyelash extensions since. 

I was kindly contacted by a PR company working with Rapid Lash and asked to review the Rapid Lash and Rapid Brow. They both help to thicken and grow your brows/lashes and leave a noticeable difference in 6 weeks. For the purpose of this review I have waited exactly 6 weeks between the photos above. I have no mascara or brow products in either photo and believe there is a huge difference between the length and thickness of both my eyelashes and eyebrows. Please excuse the messy brows, I didn't want to get them waxed between the two photos and they look a little crazy. 

I think the biggest difference is definitely with my eyelashes; they have now grown so long that they brush along my glasses each time I blink. They are a lot thicker and longer than before and the broken eyelashes I did have from before have grown to the point where they are no longer noticeable.  Before using the Rapid Lash I wouldn't have believed that a products you use each evening can have such an impressive reaction and grow your eyelashes. You apply the Rapid Lash each evening on the top lash just on the base of the eyelash straight from the bottle. It has a very fine almost lip liner-esque brush which is easy to use, and you just run that along the lash line before bed. The Rapid Brow is used morning and evening and is also used straight from the bottle, with a mascara type brush to run through your brows it is easy to apply and you can apply brow products straight after the application. 

I have absolutely loved the results from both the Rapid Lash and Rapid Brow; I will continue to use both products and update you on any further change in the coming months. I have used both products now for 7 weeks and I estimate both to be over half full still, so there is a lot of product within the tubes. When I do eventually run out, again I'll update you. 

What do you think of my results? Is Rapid Lash something you would like to try? 

Katie x

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