Loreal Extraordinary Oil
Loreal Extraordinary Oil

Browsing through Boots I happened upon the new Loreal Extraordinary Oil display and tested out the products on the back of my hand; needless to say I was again pleasantly surprised. For me, Loreal as a brand have been getting it right, product after product, and it has slowly become one of my favourite drugstore brands. I was blown away by the beautiful scent of this oil and purchased both the facial oil and the cleansing oil; both products smell fantastic. The cleansing oil works beautifully as a second cleanse, cleaning deep into the skin and removing any remnants of the days makeup. My skin is very sensitive, as are my eyes, and this cleansing oil felt calming on the skin and could even be taken over the eyes. I apply the facial oil in the evenings before going in with the rest of my evening skincare routine (let me know if you'd like to see an updated skin care routine on my YouTube Channel here) and it sinks straight into the skin leaving the skin feeling smooth and ready for my skincare routine. I think the oil in both products work well together; the cleansing oil leaving a light film over the skin to keep it hydrated and then the facial oil working deep into the skin to give you that baby soft skin feeling through the night. 

I have been really enjoying Loreal lately and would love some suggestions on what to try next. What do you think of Loreal as a brand?

Katie x

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