I have suffered with eczema all my life but over the last two or so years it has gotten really bad on my hands. So much so that I hate showing my hands and feel that they have aged a lot. I have tried all sorts of remedies and creams over the years and nothing has ever treated my eczema as well as L'Occitane's One Minute hand scrub. I hope the photos above show how much dry skin this scrub removes and how the texture of the skin on my hands has improved greatly from before to after. This scrub is a mix of oil and brown sugar which when swirled together provide a nourishing scrub for your hands; it is very gentle and leaves an oily film on the skin which continues to moisturise after use. After I have used the scrub, any hand cream will apply and sink into my skin easily as the dead skin cells, previously preventing any moisturisers from sinking in, have been removed and the fresh top layers of skin are smooth and soft. I like to use the scrub around once a week at the least; when my eczema is really bad I can use this once a day and it will still not aggravate my sensitive skin. This scrub also smells incredible, like every other L'Occitane product. 

I am now a lot more confident with my hands and like to wear nice rings and keep them moisturised as much as possible. I like to get my nails done now and feel a lot more confident within myself, it's really surprising how something like eczema can ruin your confidence and prevent you from doing things you'd normally love. I am more prone to getting eczema in the colder months and will use the scrub along side the L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand cream to keep them nice and soft. I have raved about this hand scrub on my YouTube Channel aswell as my everyday life and everyone that has tried it has fallen in love. It is a little more on the pricey side at £15 but it lasts me a very long time and it is the only thing that has helped to heal my eczema and keep it at bay.

Have you tried the L'Occitane Hand Scrub? Do you suffer with eczema? If so, what do you use to treat it?

Katie x


  1. I have never tried this but I love there hand creams, Ill pop into the store and get them to try it on me! x


    1. Yeah I had it tried on me a few times before I purchased it just to double check that it wouldn't aggravate my eczema. I was so amazed by the results I bought it straight away. xx


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